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Eagles' Rest Natural Home Testimonials about the benefits of natural and organic mattressesWhen Molly turned to Eagles’ Rest looking for a non-toxic mattress for her young daughter, she found that the mattress alleviated symptoms of her fibromyalgia, and subsequently improved her sleep. Here she tells her story, in her words.

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Our many tales of sweet dreams


“Thank you Diane!! And Eagles’ Rest for having a Lawrence store that has options for a healthy organic bedroom. I came into the store full of questions and completely overwhelmed with all the information on making a bedroom healthy/toxin free. Being completely new to the idea of a latex bed Diane has patiently spent time (hours!) helping me choose the perfect beds and bedding for my family. I look forward to continuing to fill my home with healthy and organic brands I can trust, as Eagles’ Rest has done the hard work for me and chosen the best. Thank you! I look forward to my next purchase!”


“Well, it has been two weeks and we love the bed and savvy rest mattress. Holy cow, I was ready to return it after the first few days because I didn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings! Attached is a photo of the bed, in maple. It is so pretty and works very very well with our built-ins!”


“We are loving our new Savvyrest Serenity Pillowtop! It was packaged so well and very easy to set up. With such a big purchase, I was anxious to see if we made a wise decision. The first night on our new bed was wonderful. So comfortable! My husband woke up without back pain for the first time in years! We have been loving it ever since. Thank you for answering all of our questions, being so patient as we thought it over, and for helping us make such a great purchase!”


“Visiting Eagles’ Rest was a very helpful and successful bed-hunting experience for my partner and I. We purchased a Savvy Rest mattress and a bed frame through the store, especially because the bed frame deal was a good one. Diane served us with knowledge, information, and alternatives regarding our search for an organic mattress and bed frame. We were encouraged to try out the mattresses and pillows without being pushed to make any decisions, and Diane kindly and patiently remade the bed multiple times for us to keep trying possible softness/hardness combinations. It was a great shopping experience, and we get great, comfortable rest on the bed we purchased at Eagles’ Rest. I highly recommend bed-shopping there. I hope all is well with you all. Thanks a bunch.”


“We are LOVING our new king size Savvy Rest!!!!!! It’s our second mattress from Eagles’ Rest”

—Stacey E

“When it came time to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress, I knew that I wanted to go ‘eco-friendly’ this time around. I decided to try Savvy Rest and to my surprise, your store was within 40 minutes of me! The girls at the store helped me customize the layers to my needs/wants, and after 2 months of sleeping on the mattress, I couldn’t be happier. I ended up with a firm Dunlop layer, a medium Dunlop layer, and a soft Talalay layer. The bed was fairly easy to put together, after I got the hang of not worrying I was going to rip the latex to shreds. It’s very durable and oh so soft! I plan on buying a Savvy Rest crib mattress in the future. It’s worth every penny!”

—Courtney E

“We’ve had our queen-size Dunlop Savvy Rest mattress (with Talalay topper plus a Holy Lamb wool pillowtop) for a week and we love it. It is a totally different feel, but took no getting used to. I was waking up every morning with spasms in my low back and it hasn’t happened since my first night on my new mattress. My husband says he sleeps better and his dreams are more interesting. Go figure, but he has good stories every morning. We love the eco-friendly products and shopping locally in Lawrence. Thanks Diane ”

—Kathy P

“Several years ago I learned about Eagles’ Rest. On my first visit, Diane explained the details of the Savvy Rest mattresses and energetically helped me try the various mattress combinations possible. We also had an enlightening conversation about conventional mattresses that left me planning to purchase a bed for my daughter. A couple years, lots of consideration, and several visits later, we decided on and purchased a mattress for our family. I really appreciate Diane’s knowledge, patience, humor, and down-to-earth approach. Diane never tried to just sell a mattress but always worked to help us find the best fit, considering comfort, purpose (such as guest room, child’s bed, family bed), budget, personal preferences. As an added bonus, our daughter loved spending time with Sofia! We love our comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly mattress and frame. Thanks Diane and family at Eagles’ Rest!”


“Testimonial for a Happy Customer!

We shopped for years to replace our bed. We tried MANY beds in many different shops. A friend here in Lawrence suggested we try Eagles Rest for an organic mattress and there we found the BEST product on the market. Plus, learning from Diane about the natural product itself is worth the visit to the shop. She knows her product, believes in her product yet does not need to ‘sell’ the product. She spent time with us to help us make the choice that was best for us and we left after one or two visits with a great bed!! Plus, we have enjoyed many post bed visits and made additional purchases from the shop that we also enjoy. Thank you, Diane!”

—Dona and Bill

“I LOVE my mattress!! I believe it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I must be getting a good night’s sleep, because I have so much more energy during the day. I also like the whole idea of having bought something sustainable.”


“We found Eagle’s Rest because of a stuffed wool llama sitting on the sidewalk outside the store. Once inside I was thrilled to find an organic mattress with no carcinogenic flame retardants imbedded in it available for purchase right here in Lawrence. My husband and I returned to lounge around on the beds at Eagle’s Rest for a considerable amount of time. I think Diane even encouraged us to take a snooze if we so desired. She tirelessly and willingly switched out this and that layer, this pillow, that mattress protector, until we were certain we had found our respective most comfortable combinations. Diane and her husband came over to help us set up the bed, being extra careful with all of the components to make sure it was done correctly. We have never felt so relaxed and confident about making an investment, because we were never rushed, we were always listened to and taken care of, and boy oh boy has it paid off. For the last month I have awoken time and again and said aloud, “I have never slept so well in my entire life!” and “I can’t believe how comfortable it is!” or “I didn’t even notice you get up in the night!” or “I feel so well-rested!” and so on and so forth. This bed has improved our sleep, comfort, and no doubt our health. I no longer wake up with back pains the way I used to and my husband doesn’t sweat any more during the night — after thirty years of doing so — indeed, as it turns out, wool and latex are incredibly breathable. They seem to adjust to the exact temperature that our bodies need. We absolutely love our Savvy Rest mattress. Thank you, rubber trees. Thank you, Savvy Rest. Thank you, Eagle’s Rest!”

—Susanne and Joe

“This is a short note to tell you that since I’ve started sleeping on your all-natural mattress I no longer wake up in the middle of the night craving chocolate. In addition, I have compared my video camera footage of how many times I wake up, turn over to the other side, adjust my pillow, kick the cat, scratch my head and resume sleeping and the results are in: with my new Savvy Rest, I have almost eliminated the tossing and turning. The camera does show that I still kick the cat occasionally but otherwise am resting more fully. When I awake in the morning I simply turn off the chocolate incensed air freshener machine, give the cat a pet and leisurely stand and stretch with a smile on my face. I give this mattress two thumbs up, a high-five, a Caramel Nut Truffle Oscar and thank the rubber tree fairies for sharing their milky elixir of white syrup with us.”

— Galen T

“Latex layers
Toxin free
No more Princess
and the Pea
Thank you, thank you
Rubber Tree!”

—AKB, Savvy Rest mattress owner since Spring 2011

“We purchased a Savvy Rest mattress for our son’s first “big” bed after he graduated from his toddler bed. It has been wonderful- very comfortable and durable. The wool mattress pad was also and excellent purchase. He sleeps great on the bed and we are free of worry that he might be breathing in harmful chemicals that are in most other mattresses. Definitely money will spent.”

—Robin, from Lawrence

“This bed (Savvy Rest – Serenity) is AMAZING! We rest so well and everyone who tries it, loves it. In fact we just purchased a second Savvy Rest mattress for the guest bedroom – this time the Earthspring. We topped it with a wool topper and a wool mattress protector. Our guests were delighted with the comfortable rest they received. I spent a lot of time researching the various organic mattresses out there – it’s a big commitment – and kept coming back to Savvy Rest, both for price and quality. I’m glad I bought it from The Eagles’ Rest Natural Home. Diane has a lot of patience (and NO pressure) in the decision-making process.”
—Karen in Wichita

“Shopping for our new organic mattress at Eagles’ Rest in Lawrence, KS, was a great experience and we are so happy with the result. The Serenity organic mattress is extremely comfortable. By arranging the layers you can make it so that the mattress has just the right amount of softness or hardness for your own personal preference, and by splitting the mattress the bed can different on each side. We bought the talalay pillowtop and several of the organic pillows, too. I never have had such a comfortable bed.”

—Tina, Lenexa, KS

“I researched mattresses for months, I read all the reviews, and I compared all the facts, but I realized what I really needed to do was to “feel” how the mattress performed. After much debate my husband and I drove to Eagles’ Rest to look at and tryout the Savvy Rest mattress.

The shopping experience was wonderful because we were not rushed, but instead had all the time it took for us to learn about latex mattresses and for us to try several different levels of comfort to sleep on. We had never been able to agree on a mattress since my husband liked a more firm mattress and I needed a softer feel because of arthritis. We both got what we wanted in the Savvy Rest latex mattress!

Three months later my husband and I agree it is the best money we have ever spent. We both sleep better, and we found that the extra benefit of not even feeling the bed move when one of us gets up helps us sleep even better.

Our latest problem is that our frequent guests have discovered the comfort of our mattress and think we should buy one for the guest room!

A satisfied customer,”


“The Mattress Matters – Ha Ha! I purchased my Savvy Rest Dunlop Queen size mattress in the midwinter of 2010. Instantly, i loved my new bed! I felt satisfied to put my money where it really matters to me and where i do spend a significant amount of time. I do not have a large income and knew financially it would be a stretch, but it has been so worth it!
I actually enjoyed assembling the layers. I also helped a friend assemble hers too. Both went fairly easy for me.
Before sleeping on our new SR, my young and otherwise very healthy husband who had for about 5years been developing chronic breathing problems (even using an inhaler at times) soon healed up and was no longer triggered to asthma attacks at night. We all sleep better because of that! Prior to this mattress purchase, we had been sleeping on an older but decent brand’s conventional mattress. I enjoyed more warmth from the SR upon getting into bed as my old mattress was often shockingly cold in winter.

Also, after 1 month of sleeping very well on our new SR bed, we took a vacation to visit family for three weeks. My low back and neck really took a hit sleeping on too soft a bed. I am usually physically fit, and I sure had to do some repair work on my spine! ouch! lots of stretching in the morning! I was so relieved to feel that back pain dissipate after my first and second nights of sleep back home. Aaahhh! I could go on and on but it would just echo that we love all the benefits we’ve received from this change over. Soon after, I purchased two SR pillows and love them too.

About her twin Dunlop SR bed, my 5 year old, Arabella says, “I love my bed so much that I can jump on my bed, but sometimes I worry about spiders at night when I am sleeping!” Well I know that is what she thinks about her bed, and that I am glad I do not have to worry about her sleeping on a mattress that I believe to have far more health disrupting elements than she is aware of at this time.

After 1 1/2 years, I still love and highly recommend this bedding company and am very grateful for Diane’s having introduced me to these products.”

—Anne W.

“I love my Savvy rest mattress. I think it’s the best bed I’ve ever had. Savvy gives you a very balanced support compared to other mattresses. Since we were already eating organic food and wearing organic cotton, purchasing an organic mattress just made sense.

I feel really good about having an organic mattress for myself and my daughter. I wanted a mattress that was made in a way that was good for the environment and the people who made it. I like that the manufacture of this mattress didn’t involve any pesticides. And I liked the idea of sleeping on something that wasn’t off-gassing chemicals that could be harmful.

The mattress was delivered in good condition and was easy to put together. It disassembles quickly, is so flexible in that we can change the firmness of it just by rearranging layers within… and it’s so easy to move. I can do it all by myself!

I’m a side sleeper and I had shoulder pain on other beds. With Savvy Rest, I do not. Also, I no longer experience headaches like I did on our old memory foam mattress.

The only drawback is that since this is a heavier mattress I’ve really had to reinforce my bed. I have a cheap, crib conversion kit and have added slats, but it is still somewhat lacking when it comes to stability. Latex beds seem to need a solid base of support.
I recommend Savvy Rest to all my friends. I think everybody should have one.”

—Sara A

“We both LOVE our new Savvy Rest! I find I am sleeping sounder and much longer. I slept until 10:00 yesterday, which is unheard of for me. I’m usually up at the crack of dawn. I wake up feeling much more rested. And I love that you can’t feel the other person moving around.

Thank you for working with us and for all your patience. You have been wonderful! We are affirming that your business with thrive and prosper. We will certainly suggest your store for anyone in the market for a good, organic bed.”


“After a very bad experience from breathing the off-gassing of a memory foam mattress, I searched the Internet for a truly organic mattress. It is a truly difficult task, as there are a lot of claims that are unfounded. After much research, my wife and I found that the only place in the Kansas City area that we could actually see, sniff, and lay on a truly organic mattress, was at Eagles’ Rest.

We drove to Lawrence several times. Diane was kind enough to let us take the mattress apart, smell it, pull on it, lay on it, and ask a hundred questions. We went home and sent emails asking more questions, all of which were answered. We were not easy customers: we wanted facts, details, proof, etc., that we were buying a completely organic mattress.

We did buy a mattress. We also used Diane’s husbands’ design plans to build a frame for our mattress. The mattress arrived via Fed-ex and we were able to put it together ourselves within an hour. The bed is comfortable, and variable, as we can adjust the layers to our preference.

I would recommend anyone searching for an organic mattress, to visit Diane’s shop. She will put up with your questions, and give you time without a hard sell. What more could you ask?”


“I received the package yesterday and slept on the new pillowtop and pad last night. So far I love it! Thank-you for all of your assistance.”

—Janet A

“After many months of cajoling I convinced my husband that a bed from Eagle’s Rest would be a worthwhile investment for our family. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made for our sleep. Every night one or both of us crawls into bed, sighs, and says ‘this bed is soooo comfortable.’ Recently my husband came home from a business trip and said, ‘thanks a lot, you’ve ruined me for all other beds.’ When I sleep on other mattresses now my shoulders and hips ache. And we love the pillows we purchased to go with the bed. We’ve had the bed for a few months now and still we are rejoicing the purchase every day. Thanks for your patient and relaxed showroom. This was a major purchase for us and you provided a welcoming and considerate sales experience. We have told so many friends and insisted people try the bed when they come over and we will continue to sing your praises.”

—Risa K

Tom & I are very pleased with our Savvy Rest mattress & the lambs wool topper. Especially our custom selection of firmness! I’ve always had an issue with being cold in the winter but the lambs wool topper keeps my body temperature more even. Thank for bringing a selection of all Natural quality mattresses to the KC area!!

—Tom and Lisa

Diane, Thank you for your expert advice on helping us find our perfect mattress. We have been sleeping on our new Savvy Rest for a month now and couldn’t be any happier. We highly recommend you and your product! Well worth the money!!!!!

— Larry and Michelle

FINALLY! A mattress that doesn’t sag! I didn’t think it was even possible. Every single conventional mattress I’ve ever slept on – for my entire life – has sagged. Each one held up for a few months at least, but even with diligent flipping, I would always end up sleeping in “the taco”.

We absolutely LOVE our new mattress combination from Eagles’ Rest. My husband has (going bottom to top) Hard Dunlop, Soft Dunlop, Soft Talalay. I have (all Dunlop) Medium, Medium, Soft.

They are easy to assemble and maintain. NO FLIPPING! Our sleep has drastically improved and we both have substantially less pain in the mornings. We truly appreciate the environmental benefits of the construction and we take solace knowing we are no longer exposing ourselves to such toxic substances found in conventional mattresses.

Make the investment in your sleep. There will be no buyers remorse. You will thank yourself for years to come.

— Jon and Amanda, Rural Douglas County, KS

Kathleen Hoff was very helpful and consultative with our mattress selection. As it is a major purchase, she was careful to ask about our sleeping habits, and she explained the differences among the mattresses thoroughly. This was a very pleasant transaction, and my husband and I are sleeping much better now!

We absolutely love our new mattress and Holy Lamp topper! Our sheets fit, so we’re all set there. Thank you so much!

— Heidi

THIS MATTRESS MAY SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE! My husband prefers a firm mattress. So firm in fact, I’m not convinced he wouldn’t be just as happy sleeping on our hardwood floor! I, however, prefer something with significantly more cushion than a hardwood plank might provide. Once we finally agreed to upgrade from our old dilapidated mattress, I was worried one of us (he) would AGAIN have to settle for a less than ideal level of firmness. Then, we discovered Savvy Rest… a planet-friendly, all organic (no off-gassing) and 100% CUSTOMIZABLE product! Goldilocks AND the bear are now both content, able to sleep side by side, no compromise required. This mattress truly sells itself, but even the most outstanding product is only as good as the staff assisting with your purchase. Beyond the attention we were given while deciding on our new mattress, even more noteworthy was the level of service offered AFTER our sale was complete! My husband found his perfect layer combo right off the bat (firm, firm and more firm), but it took a bit of strategizing for me to find my “just right” combo. After several reassuring conversations with Diane, along with some trial and error experimentation, I ultimately requested a “layer exchange” (a generous policy offered by Savvy to swap out latex layers within 90 days of purchase), which culminated in Kathleen meeting me in a driveway on her morning off IN THE POURING RAIN for a layer swap! Who offers this level of service anymore?!? KC Rest is a company owned and run by amazing people who are dedicated to the wellbeing of our planet, our community and to content couplings everywhere!

—Jacqueline G. 2015

“We recently visited Eagles’ Rest looking for a new Savvy Rest mattress to replace our traditional mattress. Our old mattress that we had only a few years was sagging and had become so uncomfortable that we were waking up with awful hip and back pain. Diane, the owner of Eagles’ Rest was very helpful, informative, and spent hours with us allowing us to try different mattress options. We chose Savvy Rest because it is natural latex, is extremely comfortable, customizable, durable, and will likely last us the rest of our lives. Sleep is so much more restful now and as a side-sleeper, my hip pain is completely gone. We are very happy with our investment and with our experience working with Eagles’ Rest. Thank you!”

—Matt and Heather

“Oh my! Where am I? On a cloud in heaven? This bed was so inviting and pristine. I had to go take a shower and clean up before I could even try it out. I’m loving it! Going to watch the Royals in bed. : ) And the delivery boys were so sweet and friendly and cute. Nice job!”

“I worked so hard today. So it’s nice to have a comfy place to watch the game. Plus I just have to try it out — My new toy!”

“And now I am getting massage. Sweet!”

—Jana H.

“We were looking for organic bedding and I found Rest KC from an online search. I was pleased that they had a showroom where you can lie on each bed since we did not know exactly what we were looking for, other than bedding to be free of toxins. Kathleen and the other sales guy were both really helpful with their knowledge and experience of the products. I called back with questions about the different mattress pads and Kathleen did not have the specific answer but was willing to contact the company and send me the information. All the beds, pillows, and toppers we tried were really comfortable so it was a hard choice. Their floor room also displays exquisite modern furniture which was a pleasant surprise.”

—Joy O.

“I had been doing research into creating a toxin-free bedroom for months. I had been looking into purchasing a Savvy Rest mattress, but was holding off for fear of it not being all the company claimed it was. Then, a friend told me there was a new natural mattress store opening in KC! It just so happened that I was traveling to KC for the weekend. So I popped in to the brand new Rest KC store, ready to learn, armed with my homemade organic pillow, ready to try out the beds!

Kathleen and Mark were so friendly and inviting, and their responses to my questions assured me that indeed, Savvy Rest made an awesome mattress! I spent more than an hour lying on beds, and with Kathleen’s help, found my perfect fit! Ordering was easy, and cheaper through a dealer rather than ordering online! Not to mention all the extras that I received for ordering through them! My mattress arrived to my house in just a few short weeks, and we assembled it easily with the help of the videos on the Savvy Rest website. I slept like a baby that first night, and every night after! It is so reassuring to know that this new mattress isn’t off-gassing nasty chemicals into the air that I breathe, and oh! how comfortable it is!


We bought our Savvy Rest in April, and absolutely love it! We have never slept better!! My back had been bothering for months, and now it is virtually pain free. I tell everyone about the benefits of owning a Savvy Rest. My husband and I both feel so great! It’s so easy to sleep amazingly when you’ve got a fantastic organic mattress. Seriously, everyone needs one.

—Maggie K

“We have been sleeping on our Savvy Rest mattress for about two weeks, and I can say it is some of the best sleep my husband and I have ever gotten!  When the mattress arrived, my husband took it out of the box and got it into the zipper case with no trouble at all and had it on the bed in a matter of 15 minutes.  We ordered the soft talalay topper and I will say how much we love it.  We have had no problems with smell at all, which we were concerned about after reading other reviews.  I am very sensitive to smell.  Before we got this mattress, we were waking up every morning with aches and pains.  Since sleeping on our Savvy Rest, we wake up completely pain free. It is so comfortable, we don’t want to get up in the morning!  We both agree that this has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made and are so thankful there was a store close enough we were able to try the mattresses out in person.  If you are contemplating a Savvy Rest mattress, I would recommend it to everyone I know without hesitation.”

—Aimee Brown 

“The bed was delivered last Wednesday and we have only been out of it to eat!  Well, not really, but it would be true if the weather wasn’t so nice.  We absolutely love our new bed!!  It was very easy to assemble given your instructions (and having watched you doing the various combinations while we were deciding which levels of comfort we wanted).  I am still battling the pillows – only taking out a few handfuls at a time (after gearing up for the clingy foam mess), but I am pretty close to perfection there, too.  Can’t say enough good about this whole process.  Thanks so much for your patience as we decided what to do.  We will stop by to say hello next time we are in Lawrence.”

—Linda (and Bob)

“We love our new Savvy Rest and our lovely headboard/bed frame from Eagles Rest. We sleep better than ever. Our new bed replaced an expensive name brand memory foam mattress that just never felt right. Now I can’t wait to slip into bed at night. I overheard my son say ‘I think mom sleeps as much as the dog and the cats.’ We made several visits to the store, trying out the combinations of latex layers, and appreciated the helpful, informative, welcoming, no pressure service in the store. And when our bed was delivered, we again had excellent and fun help getting it set up. Thank you for great products, great service, and our great sleep.”


“Let a great mattress be thy medicine and medicine be thy Savvy Rest mattress from Eagles’ Rest.”

—Joy Bunch, channeling Hippocrates

“I have not has as many weird dreams since I began sleeping on our new Savvy Rest mattress.”

—Steve Bunch

“We actually high-fived each other out in front of the store.  I just can’t remember the last time I was so excited to buy anything!”

—Jeanie Wells

We can not say how happy we are with Eagles Rest! Great customer service…we will be back to shop again.


“We bought a mattress from Eagle’s Rest Natural Home in March of 2017, and our experience there was next to none. Kristin helped us out in choosing a mattress, and she was definitely an expert in guiding our choice. We were able to test out all the different levels of mattress firmness which was something that was really important to us. With the ability to lay on the actual mattresses and with Kristin’s guidance, we selected the perfect mattress for us. It is so comfortable and comforting to know that it is completely non-toxic and natural. We would definitely recommend Eagle’s Rest Natural Home to anyone looking for non-toxic, quality furniture and knowledgeable, helpful employees. Thanks again Kristin!”


“My hip used to hurt when I slept on my side. Now I can sleep on all 3 sides with no pain!”

—Charles McPheeters

“After an allergic reaction to a memory foam mattress, I was so relieved to discover Eagles Rest and find that I could shop for organic and natural mattress and bedding options in the Kansas City area. The team went over and above to make sure that I had exactly what I needed to solve both my back and allergy issues…a tough combo!”


“After doing some research on conventional versus an organic mattress there was no doubt in my mind what to purchase for a new baby on the way.  Several years ago I visited Diane at the Lawrence store.  She had me try different various combinations and shared her knowledge.  I knew this was what we wanted.  The baby was the first to have an organic mattress, and also a toddler mattress.  We just replaced our old foam mattress with one from Savvy Rest and we are sleeping so much better.  Love it!!!  Just knowing we are not breathing in bad toxins all night is peace of mind, too.  I wish everyone could have a mattress like this.”


“Our backs stopped hurting the night we first slept on our new latex foam mattress!  We are very happy campers.  Thanks for all your help in figuring out the right mix of Dunlop and Talalay layers, and the store in Northbrook came out with the foundation and put it all together for us.  I think I can truly say it’s been life changing! Next time I’m in Lawrence visiting my mom, I will stop in.”


“Happy happy happy! That’s how I felt since buying my new Savvy Rest all-natural latex mattress. The passion and knowledge of staff and the owner are next to none.”

—Cherise S.

After years of back pain caused by scoliosis and a subsequent surgery with fusion – I listened to my daughter, Camille. She had purchased a mattress at Eagles Rest and felt I needed to at least give it a look. For ages, I had been replacing my mattress and box springs every 2 – 3 years, because it would not/could not provide the firmness and support necessary to allow my pain to subside and finally get some much needed sleep.

What I found was a small store in North Lawrence and Diane. She was compassionate, listening to my every word – but a bit surprised that I wanted the firmest mattress possible from whatever combination of Dunlop and Talalay it took. She created it, I tested it in the store and I knew I had found my answer. She worked patiently, never pressuring, nor suggesting a purchase – just trying to fulfill my needs. Because of my unfamiliarity with the terminology and assembly of the layers, she came to my home and assembled the entire bed for me. How much do I love my mattress? It is more than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you for assisting me and allowing me to finally S-L-E-E-P!!!!

Thanks, Diane!! You’re doing great things!

—Suzi Cammon